Snapchat for Blackberry

How to install and download snapchat for Blackberry

Read how to install Snapchat BlackBerry below. You first have to download the required app files on this website. Once you have the files downloaded to your computer you can install Snapchat on your BlackBerry device. You need Google Chrome installed on your computer to copy the Snapchat BlackBerry app files to your BlackBerry device.

How to install Snapchat BlackBerry

Step 1.

From this website you can download the .zip file with the app files of Snapchat BlackBerry inside. Extract the app file from the .zip file to your laptop or desktop. Place the app files in a folder you can find back. You need the app files to install Snapchat on your BlackBerry later.

Step 2.

Next, go to the Chrome Web Store search for PlayBook App Manager and install the App Manager. After you installed it, the extension will open a page in your browser. Bookmark this page. You can leave the page open as you will need in in the next steps.

Step 3.

Connect your BlackBerry to your desktop or laptop computer. Use the USB-cables o you can transfer the app files from your computer to your BlackBerry.

Step 4.

Enable the development mode of your BlackBerry. You can do that in the menu Settings > Security and Privacy > Development Mode. Note the device IP Address (for example and type it in the text field on your computer on the page of the extension you bookmarked in step 2. how-to-install-snapchat-blackberry

Step 4.

Enter your device password on the extension page and continue. This is required in order to transfer and install Snapchat to your BlackBerry device.

Step 5.

You will now be able to drag & drop the SnapChat BlackBerry file you downloaded at step 1 into your BlackBerry device to install Snapchat BlackBerry. So open the folder you put the app files in and copy them in the App Manager field. The App Manager will transfer Snapchat to your BlackBerry and install in automatically.

That is how to install Snapchat BlackBerry. You can now take selfies from your BlackBerry device and send them to your friends!


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