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How to Download and install snap2chat for blackberry z10 download apk? Snap2ChatSnap2Chat was the first and only native Snapchat client available for the BlackBerry 10 platform. It offered features available in Snapchat for iOS and Android in addition to multiple features available exclusively for the BlackBerry 10 platform. The app was developed by NemOry and was available for download. Unfortunately Blackberry has been forced to remove the third-party client Snap2Chat from the Blackberry World app store. You can read the full article on

Exclusive features Snap2Chat

– Snap2Chat presents a whole new way to communicate with other Snap2Chat users – The Shoutbox! ‘Shout’ in the Shoutbox and other Snap2Chat users will be able to like and comment on your ‘shouts’! Also add friends from the Shoutbox!
– Customize your app! Select any color for the title bar and choose between a light and dark theme for the whole app.
– Customize your snap! Use BlackBerry 10’s built in photo editor to edit your snaps. Also choose from a variety of font types of sizes.
– Unlimited text in captions! Snap2Chat offers the flexibility to write captions longer than one line.
– Edit your profile
– View stories individually
– See your feed in the active frame
– Invite friends via SMS, Facebook, Twitter and other social networks
– Set a refresh interval

Download snap2chat blackberry apk download full V. 2.2.2

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